SeaWorld’s whales against the World

20 Nov

By: Myrlande “M.C” Charelus

Whose fight is it, anyways?

            Some people may view SeaWorld as a place to go for entertainment purposes. Another way is to experience the wildlife without going to the wilderness. The world views people who frequently go to SeaWorld as mammals in captivity’s “supporters”. In other word, these people known as the pro-cap. However, another group thinks differently than the pro-cap. They do not support marine mammals in captivity. They believe that they more connected and their motivation comes from an emotional state of being. In addition, these people known as the anti-cap.

            Anti-cap people believe marine mammals used to live a happy and average life until industry, like SeaWorld, started to imprison them. They believe that the reservoirs provided for the animals are limited their space and are affecting their behavior and health.

 “Marine mammals don’t belong in cages doing tricks for tourists. View the wildlife in the wild. Don’t buy tickets,” said Bea Elliott, a Tumblr blogger.

“I live exactly 38 miles from SeaWorld ‘Abusement’ park, and I wouldn’t go there even if got paid. I constantly discourage company from going there. Once you know the truth, it’s impossible to see these places as anything, but prisons for the beings who died for the sake of entertained,” she said.

            On the other hand, John Scott, a public relation at SeaWorld, who is a long time advisor marine, said he is a pro-cap supporter. He said it is a way to see the mammals develop; also, it is easier to monitor them.
“It’s hard for family to go to Ireland, but at SeaWorld it’s easy and cheaper. It’s educational, no predator and the veterans are well-trained,” said Scott.

Steven Goldberg-Pannone, a theatre major, who is educating students about SeaWorld on campus. With the help of the Civic Engagement club, on Monday night, he was able to show Sharkwater, a documentary directed, casted and narrated by Rob Steward. Pannone does not view himself either as a Pro or Anti-cap. Pannone said SeaWorld is tourism based. Furthermore, the parks run by people who understand enough what format of habitat is appropriate for sea life.

“The whales at SeaWorld are like foster children to me,” said Pannone.”Same circumstance, they are kept in a place that is not their home but it is for their one protection. Whether it erases their freedom but the goal is not to provide them freedom, but to bring them to a place that is safe to live for a certain time,” he said.
            Pannone believes that SeaWorld has a massive amount of scientific relevant, because the animals there are being used for scientific purposes. In addition, he stated in lieu of entertainment, the company itself focuses more on attracting the sea life.

However, Parker Smith, business administrator, is an anti-cap. Smith disagrees with Scott and would most likely disagree with Pannone.

“If you want to see these animals, book a cruise to go to Iceland, that money can be invested in the wild than at the park'” said Smith.
He (Smith) also believes when the animals are wild or free, they live longer than the ones on the park. They also live stressed-free; also, people would not have to worry about them attacking their trainers.


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