I Am Haiti

13 Jan

I am Haiti

Haiti is Power       Today marks three years since my beautiful island, Haiti, was taken away from me. It is one of these days that I will never forget, it seems like it happened yesterday; although we are now commemorating the third year since the devastating disaster. I lost my childhood memory in less than one minute, 35 seconds to be exact. I lost numerous family members, friends and classmates; most importantly, my children will never know where their mother grew up or where I went to school.

The devastating earthquake stole a piece of me that I will never be able to replace. Haiti and I have an irreplaceable bond. I am Haiti and Haiti is me! And sometimes that can cause me to be bias. I love Haiti and it loves me back. It saddened me that nothing has been done in the past three years. Yes, there are still people living under tents, whether they choose to or not. Some may never be able to get back to their feet again.

After the earthquake, millions of dollars were donated to Haiti; however, looking at the conditions certain people are living, it makes others question whether a dime was distributed to these individuals. At this point, I believe people should just stop with all the donations and just PRAY for Haiti. That, they cannot steal from these people. Prayer can change anything! It can break barriers and heal people; also, through prayers, God can dig people out of any hole they are in. Another thing that people can do is STOP feeling sorry for Haiti; STOP asking who was affected or not; feeling bad is not going to get us anywhere. When someone is sick, people don’t just sit around and expect that person to help him/herself out. Right now, Haiti is sick and the best thing anyone can do or offer is to help it heal by praying for the country. The earthquake may have taken everything we owned; however, we are HAITIANS! And we can get through anything. We are the strongest people on Earth; with everything we have been through, I believe our pass speaks for itself. It may take us decades to get back on our feet; nevertheless, we will overcome this nightmare.

There are so much more to Haiti than what the media portrays; it is time that we focus on what we have and move on with ourselves. We may not have much left; yes, the earthquake took a lot… but it did not take everything, we still have each other. With that Unity is Power- “L’Union fait la Force” but we have each other and Haitian stick together… we have ourselves!

January 10, 2010-January, 10, 2013…. We will never forget!


4 Responses to “I Am Haiti”

  1. Franz January 13, 2013 at 6:24 am #

    Great article Myrlande

  2. Patrick Phillips (@patricksplace) May 8, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    Sorry to hear…can’t imagine having been there while all that was happening. Such a heartbreaking story, but I admire your spirit.

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