What Does Age have to do with Love?

2 May

Ruth-32What is love? How does it feel to be loved? Although the word “love” has the simplest definition, which is a profound tender, passionate affection for another person; however, everyone tend to define it differently. But, one thing that almost everyone can agree on is that, we all want to be loved. Also, we love the feeling of being in love. A lot of people, including myself, like to say, “age is just a number when it comes to finding that special one,” but it is really? I say it all the time; but trust me, my ideal of a perfect date is five (5) years older than me; anyone above that has a question mark; and I definitely wouldn’t go over seven! So why do we say it if we don’t mean it? It is because of the society? Or who are we afraid of? Perhaps, are we lying to ourselves or to the society?

Couple weeks ago, a few of my colleagues were discussing some “love issues” and I was the only one who thought otherwise. So before I explained the situation, this is where I ask, “does love have an age limit?” Here comes the story, someone whom I know is now 70 years old, has recently gotten into a relationship. They both are very conservative Christian, and decided it would be a great idea to get married! Everyone is against the idea, BUT me.

Ok, I believe everyone deserves to be loved; regardless of where he/she finds it. This woman was once married; has five (5) children and about 25 grandchildren. You may think she has it all, right? But listen, her late husband died five (5) years ago. He was hospitalized for approximately six years before he gave his last breath. She was a loyal wife, never cheated on the husband, even after his death! Five years later, she found someone who can bring back her “mojo” and everyone else thinks it’s a crazy idea. Yes, she has kids, and grandchildren; and everyone is worrying about his or her problems. And she’s perfectly fine with that.

Ok, this is what I know- based on the information given, she has been miserable for over 10 years; and who knows how long the husband was sick before he was hospitalized? I do not know! Hence that tells us, she was on her late 50s when he started to be ill. I’m turning 25 later this year, so that gives me about 25 more years to reach to her point. If love never changed, 25 years from now, I think I would still love the idea of being loved and being in love. To go back to her story, she couldn’t be loved then, because of the husband’s condition. Now that he is out of the picture, what’s the point of holding back?

You may have paused and raised your eyebrows, asking why is she doing this now? I don’t know; however, I believe this is the perfect time for it! First and foremost, she was a loyal wife; she wouldn’t leave the husband when he needed her most…. Secondly, she definitely wouldn’t date someone right after his death. Look around, do you see the society we live in, people would have started rumors about her. However, other people probably would have wondered whether she had something to do with his death, (hint: life insurance). It has been five years and they are against it; hence, anytime before then would have made the situation worst. And what makes the situation even worse, everyone else who is against the idea is the one who is either loved or in love– her kids, grandkids and others who know about it. Why not let her experience such a beautiful feeling? Maybe, she had never experienced “love” with her late husband. I observed others calling her names such as: old, greedy, hyperactive, etc. I also overheard people saying “You’re old, what is the need to get re-married or to be in a relationship and you’re just being hyperactive”.

Nevertheless, no one, except me, has ever thought of the word, “loneliness” … She is indeed lonely, no one to talk to–because everyone is worrying about his/ herself. I feel as though maybe a boyfriend or a husband can fill up that “lonely” void for her.

I don’t know, what’s her idea of being in love or to be loved. Maybe she’s looking for something emotional or physical. But whatever it is– whether people agree or disagree, I believe she has the right to find out! I like to put myself in other people’s shoes– I like to listen to other people’s stories. The word love makes me giggle, it brings heaven on earth, especially when someone is in love and/ or loved. She might be looking for the idea of waking besides someone who makes her feel worthy, telling her what she wants and needs to hear. Maybe she’s looking for the good morning greetings, or to be touched emotionally and physically, sex, etc., but whatever it is– I support!  Who am I to put an age limit to such a beautiful feeling? Yes, she is 70 years old. But who knows how long she’s going to be alive? It can be for the next 20-30 years, or even until tomorrow– if I had one request before I died, my request would be to love/ beloved, because nothing else feels better.


I want to hear you thoughts and comments about this subject…

Do you think I’m even crazier to support her?

Is there an age limit when it comes to love? If so, what is it?


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