How do You deal With Stress?

7 Aug

ImageEveryone has million ways of handling things differently; whether they are positive or negative- we tend to find ways that will help us resolve them easily. When it comes to stress, what works for one may not be able to work for another. We all have experienced some times- where we need someone or something for comfort. Some people turn to spiritual aspects- such as God, music, books, others might turn to people- and some might even turn to drugs or alcohol. We may disagree to that person for who or what he or she turns to- but that’s her or his ways of finding “comfort”.

Stress can be very dangerous! No one likes the feeling of being stressed- and that’s why we’re always trying to get rid of it as soon as we can. It can be a long battle for some- might even end up losing his her life. People lose their appetite when they stressed, they lose weight, insomnia may occurred- and some might even become anti-social. That’s me, the anti-social one! When I’m stressed, I like to stay away from others so I wouldn’t have to express what I’m going through. But that’s not it! My way of dealing with stress is sleep! That’s my scapegoat. I use sleep so I won’t have to think about it. Though sometimes I have to fight myself to fall asleep- but as soon as I do- there, I have found my paradise! I don’t have to think about what made me stressed at the first place; however, I soon as I have to wake up, I would find myself at the same situation, where I was- before I fell asleep. Yeah- that’s the problem!

am a very understandable person- I like to put myself in others’ shoes so I can relate to what they’re might be going trough.  I have never done drugs- but I can relate to why some might turn to it for comfort- it’s a dangerous thing to turn to- but I understand- sleep is my drugs, sleep is my alcohol- sleep is my person- because I find “comfort” on it whenever I need to.

How do you handle stress?  What is one thing you do that can be helpful to others? What are some advice you can give someone, like me, who’s always stressed?


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