“Lakay se Lakay”: Home is Home

9 Aug

Image I was born and partially raised in the beautiful island, Haiti. However, ever since my parents and I moved to the states- they have came back to visit, but I never did. Either I was in summer camp or taking summer classes. I was always doing something that would prevent me from going to Haiti. I mean everything seems to be important these days- but if it’s important to me, I always find a way to make time for it.

Last year, before I graduated with my undergrad- I could have chosen to come to Haiti for a summer internship or I could have taken summer classes and finished my degree. I decided to graduate in December instead- and spent my entire summer in there; learning about its culture and volunteering. Boy, I loved every minute of it. Though I was born in Haiti, but before my visit, whatever I knew about the country was what my parents told me or whatever I learned through social media. I wanted to see things with my own eyes- having my own experience, on my own time.

I spent three months- working; I don’t ever remember a second where I wanted to go back to the states. I enjoyed the people, the food, the music, and let’s not forget the crystal clear beaches. I have grown to love Haiti way much than I ever did before. Haiti is home to me, this is where my parents were born and met- I was born there. I said my first word there; I attended my first day of school there. Haiti is where I can be myself.

I believe it is a great idea for everyone to always visit where his or her parents came from- especially if the person was born there, as well. I have learned so much about my parents by taking trips to Haiti. This is my second time, coming to Haiti- and I cannot wait to come back for the third times.

When was the last time you take a trip home?

If you haven’t, what is preventing you?



2 Responses to ““Lakay se Lakay”: Home is Home”

  1. versicolorcloset August 27, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    I just love it when I see anyone portray my mother land in a good light. The media tends to highlight so much of the negatives that anyone who hasn’t lived in Haiti tends to believe there is nothing beautiful there.
    I am glad you went and actually shared your great experiences. I have a trip scheduled there in a few months and I simply cannot wait to say ‘Home sweet home’…
    I actually found your blog by searching ‘haiti’ on wordpress because I just know I’m not the only Haitian blogger out there. Feel free to check out my fashion blog as well. Glad I found u!

    • mcthewriter September 1, 2013 at 1:17 am #

      Awww! thanks dear and I definitely will check yours as well…. And Yes, the media to portrays Haiti for something that it’s clearly not. I always told myself, there are too many people bashing on Haiti’s back- I don’t need to be one of them….
      Also, take a lot pictures when you get over there- you are going to enjoy it… Good luck

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