So much to do- so little time!- Life as a Filmmaker

24 Apr

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There are seven days in one week, 24 hours in one day and 60 minutes in one hour. I used to think 24 hours was such a long time, sleeping eight (8) hours was a lot- until I started working on different film productions. Where do times go? For the past months, I can barely tell the difference between my days and nights. I work days and nights- I even forget how it feels to sleep for more than five (5) hours. However, the exciting part about it- I’m doing everything I have always dreamt of- though I don’t sleep, I’m constantly tired- barely have the time to eat a home-cooked meal, but I love it- I’m doing things that makes me happy.

There are many things I didn’t learn in film school- like I’m not going to learn everything in the classroom, well, I knew that already. How about Final Cut Pro isn’t that difficult or After Effect isn’t as easy like people say it is? Well- I know that now. But- how about expectation? Like expect the unexpected? I didn’t know that- I know now. One thing that makes my life a little difficult- yet very helpful is that I’m “too organized”- I like my plans to go how I envisioned them, I like things to go in order- once unexpected things start popping left and right- that’s the part I don’t like.

In film school, I learn you can’t depend on everyone. Expect people not to show up on set and when that happen- make the best out of it- either hiring someone right away- or work with what you have. As a director, even when I’m frustrated or not sure what is going on- one thing that helps me a lot is to keep smiling- pretend everything is going to be ok. People on set, casts and crews, like to feel they are not wasting their times. And that takes me to the things I want to talk about- timing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.48.13 AMWe all heard the proverb that “time is money”- time is very important when it comes to the film industry. One of my professors, Grenados, from Howard University likes to say, “if you’re not blocking, you’re not filming or giving your actors instructions- you’re wasting time on set”- yes! He is absolutely right. Nothing gets actors more frustrated when they’re on set and aren’t doing anything in relatable to the project. And think about it- people like me who rent film’s equipment- I only have them for a certain amount of time- so it makes sense for me to say on track.

Within a month, I have worked in six (6) different productions. First I wrote, directed and produced my own project-which is coming out on the 30th of this month. I have worked as a sound engineer in two projects, gaffer and key grip in one- and- my favorite, besides my own project, I worked as a cinematographer for one. I have worked as a videographer before- but this was the first film I have ever shot. I loved it; it was a fun and a smooth experience. I am  looking forward to do it again.

March and the beginning of April could have been the most hectic times of my life- but I enjoyed every second of it. I was away from my “me” times- however; I was doing everything that makes “me” happy. Get out there- do what you love, it might be hectic- but you won’t regret it. “Do what you love, love what you do” – my everyday motto.

One last thing- don’t forget to check out my film, “Life as We Know it” when it comes out on the 30th of this month. Looking forward to talk about the film with you next month- thank you for taking your time to read my blog post.


Until next month




*The pictures above are screenshots from Life as We Know It



One Response to “So much to do- so little time!- Life as a Filmmaker”

  1. Stephanie April 25, 2014 at 7:03 pm #

    It’s so great to see you’re coming out with a film! I will definitely check it out!

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