Finding Inspiration…

16 Jan

FullSizeRenderA couple days ago, I was having a conversation with my best friend and the topic was inspiration. Who inspired you to be a better person? I thought about the question for a minute and my answer was I, myself- Myrlande. I am my own inspiration. Likewise, she had the same answer. You probably are thinking that we are some egotistical girls, (no argument, we probably are). I use the pronoun “I” more than anyone else. “I” this, “I” that- Ok, I get it! I am a subjective person.

I am the oldest amongst my three siblings and there is a huge age gap between all us: like I am four (4) years older than my sister, 15 years older than my younger brother and 17 years older than my youngest brother. Growing up, other than my parents, I did not have that sisterly or brotherly type of relationship with my siblings- I always thought I was too old. I focused on being an older sister instead of building a relationship with them. Therefore, I learnt to only depend on myself. From the time I started high school to my first year in college, I really was just “coin flipping” with everything I have faced. I think I did OK; however, I probably could have done better if I had someone to look up to.


Sometimes we are too busy focusing on ourselves; we are shunned from the ones who actually help us. After I concluded my conversation with my friend, I started thinking, again. And there, I had it! I do have a friend who has been mentoring for over a decade. She has a great example to many; such as myself- many know her as Marta Rifin.

I have been friend with Marta for over a decade. We sometimes go months without speaking or seeing each other- however, when we do have that chance to talk- we just go for hours, filling each other on what we have been missing. Marta is the type person who doesn’t have to say a lot- yet by her action, anyone could be inspired. Whenever I am dealing with personal, spiritual or educational issues- Marta would be first person who comes to mind.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with Marta. We attended the same church, the same school. Moreover, we both were on the same track and field team. I was a freshman and she was junior. I started paying close attention to her. The thing I noticed the most, whatever she put her mind into- she was succeeded! From being class president, running hurdles- this girl was unstable. She attended Georgetown University, got a teaching job at one of our local high schools right after she completed her undergrad. At 26 years old, she is now a lawyer, graduated from Pen State law school.

IMG_9818She pushed herself in a way that made me wanted to push myself ever more. I knew I could never be Marta- however, her dedication made me hungrier for a better education. I am far from reaching my goal; nonetheless, it is a privilege to grow up having Marta as a friend. So Marta, I thank you for being a wonderful, educated, compassionate person. In my life, I have never met such a positive person, someone who wants everyone to make it. Thank you for being you… You are an inspiration- not only to me, but also to many others.

Thank you…


IMG_5287MC, Marta and Sherline

401106_3095775437754_545961788_nMarta and me when I started my natural journey a couple years ago.


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