When Friends become Family

23 Feb


Tim and I during A Man’s Responsibility rehearsal shenanigians

The great Henry Drummond once said, “The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.” I personally don’t have many friends- I can undoubtedly count all my friends together in one hand. I am always on-the-go; with that- it has become harder for me to make friends. With the little friends I have, I honestly call them family, they all are brothers and sisters God blesses me with. I am fortunate enough to have friends who believe in my dreams and they have always been there for me in times of need.

Tim Thompson, where do I begin with this guy? Tim could have saved me a lot of tears; I could have made better choices, if he was a part of my life growing up. God wanted Tim to be in my life. Through great friend, Diana Saintil- I met Rica. And from Rica, I met Tim. Rica was as new in the DMV as me. We became close friends, we never go anywhere without each other.

Last year, around this time- I attended an Oscars party, hosted by Parallel Film Collective, a non-profit organization focused on promoting new images beyond the mainstream- and of course, not knowing anyone but Rica, I invited her to come with me. A great sister that she is, she didn’t decline my invitation. The minute we arrived at the party, I told her to get comfortable, I was going to greet some people. So she sat down, and I left to talk to Jami, a then Howard student; I spoke to Jami about helping me finding great actors in the DMV- I was in the process of filming my short film, “Life as We Know It”. Jami agreed to help, however she suggested that I contacted Tim Thompson, she previously worked with Tim.

After our conversation, I went back to meet Rica. There she was sitting, talking to this muscular- looking man. You know the look you give when you see someone talking to your friend “why is he here?” Or “is he cute or naw?” I watched him as he continued to entertain Rica. Then he started eating Rica’s French fries, I said to myself, “this guy is greedy!” I introduced myself and so did he. I am really bad at people’s name- I didn’t realize I was talking to Tim, until it was time for Rica and me to leave. As desperate as I was, I told him I was in need of an actor, he then told me he act. I advised him to come to my audition the next day. He showed up, he read the script; there I knew he was the one I was looking to cast.

IMG_4902Tim and I have worked in several projects together, from “Life as We Know it” to “A Man’s Responsibility”. In productions, I like to get to know my cast and crew. During productions, Tim gave me some of the best advice anyone could ever given me. I knew I wanted to prolong this friendship after production. I thank God I did.

From not having anyone in the DMV, I gained a brother who has my back. He is my biggest critic, supporter, and he is always trying to get me out of my comfort zone. I knew he was God-sent when he hired me to work for him last year. I am able to pay my bills because I have a friend like Tim. Lastly, like siblings do- we flight like brother and sister. He has opinion and so am I. But it’s all love, though.

As Tim celebrates his birthday this week, I thank God for a hard working brother like him. He is the most unselfish person I know. Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t take on so many projects he knows he can’t handle- I could always count on him. I have never met someone who works as hard, as Tim. He is determined and gives 100% to whatever he partakes. There is no such thing as day or night for this guy. He is always working! Tim, you have inspired me to be a better me, to go after my wants- Thank you for being you. In over a year, I have gained a supporter, a brother; most importantly, I gained a friend who actually understands what I do. Today, I salute you, Tim.

I like to leave with this quote by Anais Nin, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Happy Birthday, Tim.



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