How do I ask for Help?

11 Feb


To give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need… (

Photo on 2-23-14 at 11.44 AM #5Growing up, my parents raised me to depend on myself. For that, I like to do things by myself. My parents would easily give up their lives so my siblings and me can have whatever we need; but, my goal is to always show them that I am capable of taking care of myself even when it seems a bit impossible!

The word “help” intimidate me. I am afraid that when I ask, some people will say, “no”, and I would be crushed. And if they say, “yes”, but may turn around and do the opposite- I am afraid of disappointment- for that, I just don’t ask.

So when is the right time to ask for help? Right now is the right time. I need help! I have reached the last level of my graduate school and I am in the process making my thesis film. Over the year, I have gone back and forth to find ways to make my film without asking for help. No, I don’t have it like that, and if I did, my film would have been streaming right now.

I am working on a project called, “453”. It is a project that means a lot to me in every angle. It is the first story I have written based on my culture, my Haitian culture. “453” is a story focusing on a relationship between a son and his parents. Mike is the son; Marie and Sam are his parents. 4:53 signifies the time the devastated earthquake struck down the island of Haiti.

4:53 can represent a circumstance or event that dramatically changes your life. It is a figurative earthquake! This story deals with culture, colorism, self-identity and a bit of Haiti’s post earthquake.

IMG_5101What this the point of this post? I need your help. I need your help to make my dream come true. This film is my first Haitian baby and I need your help to portray it the right way. My dream has always been to portray Haiti on a positive way and that’s what “453” is all about. The media mainly focuses on the bad side of Haiti- and I am here to show the world that Haiti is more than poverty… what about the women who sacrifice their lives for their children on daily basis? As a filmmaker, my dream is to always show the good side of Haiti through my films.

I have launched a generosity campaign, trying to raise fund for the production of 453. Production is very expensive especially when traveling is including. I am traveling to Haiti and Florida with my cast and crew, I am in need you to invest in our project to make this dream come true. With your generosity, you can help us covering for lodging, food and transportation. Your donation can make a huge different- please donate whatever you can.

For more information, please our campaign at or contact me for more information. I thank you in advance. May God continues abundantly blessed you!



Writer, director, editor and producer!



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