Feeling like 30 at 28

17 Oct

fullsizerender Turning a new age is a blessing! I get to see my 28th birthday this week and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful. As excited, as I am to celebrate my 28th year on earth, nothing scares me the most than turning 30 years old. See, I’m not even there yet and I’m already worried about the things I cannot control. Typical me!

Turning 30 to me means that I should have everything figure out by then. It is the “I’m done with the foolery” year. The year where career is popping, settling down or in the process of doing so, and of course a lot of traveling. But, as I get closer to 30, I feel like I’m nowhere near ready for the things I expected to have accomplished by the time I’m 30- that itself scares the crap out of me.

With figuring things out, I’m not talking about having children or married. By 30, I have always wanted to have my career straight, a number of released films under my production, McTheWriter. I wanted to have several scripts written. Yes, I do have a bit time ahead of me; with my crazy imagination, I am running out of time. So I as I reached to my 28th, I started to have major panic attack. Man, I worry about the dumbest thing and I can’t help it!

fullsizerender-1On my birthday, I usually have a 21-year old mentally, ready to celebrate- do the most unthinkable! This year, I just wanted to relax. I wanted to have a worry-free birthday. I was open to travel, as long as clubbing wasn’t a part of the deal. I was ready to travel, only with closed friends and only with a small group of people.  Is this what it’s like to be 30? Then I definitely am not ready for it.
Are you reaching 30 or have you turned 30 already? What did you do to calm yourselves down when having nervous breakdown? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who thinks way too much about turning 30. Scary number! I want to hear your experience. Do you have any advice? Shoot them my way. Help me here before I find myself wearing a straitjacket.fee


One Response to “Feeling like 30 at 28”

  1. Big B October 17, 2016 at 8:01 pm #

    Well your on the right path keep your head up and things will workout for you. You have too much going for you to be worrying. Also we need a little Luck. Someone once told luck is when hard work and effort meet preparation. What that means is essentially keep working hard and when the opportunity presents its self you jump all over it. GOOD LUCK!

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