My Epic Year

31 Dec

img_2563At the beginning of the year, we like to claim the year is going to be our year. Claim it in the name of JESUS! By declaring it, we hope to achieve bigger goals, starting a new diet or even becoming a better person. Some of us actually do keep up with these resolutions; however, to others- they all are forgotten by the first week of February.

The 2016’s year  was epic for me, positively and negatively. I have gone through so many journeys; it’s almost impossible to believe that it has only been 365 days. This year, I directed one of the many scripts I have written. It is one of my favorites- also a project that hits home whenever I talk about it. This year, “4:53” was born. It is a film focusing on Haitian mothers. I wanted to create a world where women are valued and strong. This film main goal was to show the rest of the universe how bold and capable are Black women. Though it has been a rough journey, I cannot wait to finish this project in the upcoming year.

Earlier this year, I received my Masters of Fine Arts in film. After attending Howard University for three rough and eternity  years, I can finally add the MFA to my name. I left Florida three years ago, to live in a city where I knew no one. I was broke, lonely and afraid; which also helped me to go after my dreams even more.

img_2614I was beyond ecstatic get so much done at the beginning of 2016. I finally found peace within. My heart was at ease; I opened up myself and expressed my love to someone for the first time in a long time. I was doing great! This was MC’s time to shine. Though I worked a full time job, I found time to shoot a 30-minute film, worked on a documentary and I was a full-time student. I was overwhelmed! I felt into depression. I had everything I have ever wished for; yet, I was in a dark place. At that point, nothing seemed to be mattered. Thank goodness I overcame my weakness. One thing I do realize- trying to do a gazillion of things at once won’t get me anywhere.

I am not waiting for 2017 to do things differently; moving forward, I do plan to do what makes me happy. Life comes with a lot of successes and a lot of disappointments- I wish I knew what’s awaiting for me. I can only wish to follow my dreams, to fall in love with the universe and pray to God that all go well.

Happy New Year’s everyone!

Let’s attack 2017 fiercely.


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