With Age Comes…

24 Apr

IMG_4239The day I turn 28, I started addressing myself as if I just turned 40. Not that I’m saying 40 is old- but I’m 28 years old for Christ sake! I feel older than I actually am and sometimes I feel like I should have known more or have already accomplished more things.

I like to believe with age comes maturity; and for me, I want to be able to do things by myself, depending on myself more. A couple years ago, you couldn’t force me to dine out or to attend church alone. You couldn’t force me to do anything solitary, unless it had to do with my living space: that I can’t compromise.

A couple months ago, the African American museum opened and I had tickets for two. Look, like just said, I have never gone anywhere unaccompanied. My friend had agreed to go with me and decided to cancel on me, last minute. I was devastated! I wanted to go badly but sure did not want to go alone. I wouldn’t know what to do myself, what to do with my hands, my face or how to walk straight. Yeah, it’s sad! Finally, I came to my senses and drove to the museum- that was even a bad idea to drive to D.C. around that time of the day. I pulled in and-Boy let me tell you, going alone was the best thing I could have done. I moved with my own space- no one there to rush or to slow me down. I enjoyed every bit of it.

After my trip to the museum, I started to get more comfortable with myself. So for my birthday, I went to Cost Rica with a few friends. I didn’t understand how different my friends and I were until we got to CR. I can honestly say that I have nothing in common with any of my friends. And we are fine with that. Before our trip, we came up with things we wanted to do in Costa Rica. However, once we landed- I wanted to do different things, they wanted to do different things so we separated! I traveled across Costa Rica alone while my friends stayed in the capital, San Jose.

IMG_4211.jpgTravelling alone, I realized I did not need to be around friends to have a good time. I got out of my comfort zone; I mingled with the people of Costa Rica. I forced myself to indulge into the culture by trying things I would have never imagine doing without friends daring me to do them. It was actually fun to go alone and did things I wanted to do such as zip lining, horseback riding, volcano mud bath and such. My trip made me realize that- sometimes; it is better to go alone than to go with friends.

I am advising you to try something out of your comfort zone and please share it with me. Life is too short, get out of your everyday rituals and try something out of the ordinary.


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