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Hitting Rock Bottom

20 Sep

I understand it all!

10661657_981089251930536_5648916279989682922_o“Why didn’t you tell me?” “Oh, I didn’t think you were  being serious!” Going through depression has to be the hardest phase I had to experience in my entire life. Because of the way I carry myself, someone as hype as I am- explaining to others that I was depressed was the least thing everyone wanted to hear.

The word depression is described as feelings severe despondency and dejection, low spirit, etc.… (Merriam-Webster). I am a high-spirited person! I portray myself in a way that only brings positive energy around others. It even reflects on the way I dress: I wear a lot of fun and vibrant colors, which stand out among others- such as pop colors as neon.

A couple months ago, I have found myself in a place I couldn’t ever imagine: depression. For months, I lost my appetite, panic attack, couldn’t sleep at night, I was dealing and still dealing with a project that I have invested every breath that I’ve got, “4:53”. Through it all, I realized no one really understood me.

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How do You deal With Stress?

7 Aug

ImageEveryone has million ways of handling things differently; whether they are positive or negative- we tend to find ways that will help us resolve them easily. When it comes to stress, what works for one may not be able to work for another. We all have experienced some times- where we need someone or something for comfort. Some people turn to spiritual aspects- such as God, music, books, others might turn to people- and some might even turn to drugs or alcohol. We may disagree to that person for who or what he or she turns to- but that’s her or his ways of finding “comfort”.

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