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With Age Comes…

24 Apr

IMG_4239The day I turn 28, I started addressing myself as if I just turned 40. Not that I’m saying 40 is old- but I’m 28 years old for Christ sake! I feel older than I actually am and sometimes I feel like I should have known more or have already accomplished more things.

I like to believe with age comes maturity; and for me, I want to be able to do things by myself, depending on myself more. A couple years ago, you couldn’t force me to dine out or to attend church alone. You couldn’t force me to do anything solitary, unless it had to do with my living space: that I can’t compromise.

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Why Choosing Howard University was one of the Best Decisions I have Ever Made

1 Sep

howard-univSometimes when things don’t work out the way we have planned them, we get mad- we scroll back to our own little world; and sometimes, some of us even blame God for not coming through when we needed Him the “most”. Well, I was going through it all back in March. I have applied to Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top schools for MFA programs. Guess what? Little girl did not get in! Boy, I was devastated- I didn’t know what I was going to do, where I was going to end up- but one thing, I never gave up- I was destined to go to grad school. I planned to attend Carnegie, one of the most expensive schools in the country; however, if you asked me how was I going to be able to cover for my tuition- I wouldn’t be able to answer. I did not know anyone from Pittsburgh, and whatever I knew about Pittsburgh was what I have learned from the Internet or from people- yet, that was where I wanted to go to school.

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A Letter to My Parents

18 Aug

ImageDear mom and dad,

Whew! Can you believe it has been 25 years, already? Hah, of course not- I wouldn’t know– you didn’t create me, yet. As you celebrated your day, your silver wedding, I was beyond lucky to be a part of it. Words aren’t even enough to express how happy I am to call you my parents.

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What Does Age have to do with Love?

2 May

Ruth-32What is love? How does it feel to be loved? Although the word “love” has the simplest definition, which is a profound tender, passionate affection for another person; however, everyone tend to define it differently. But, one thing that almost everyone can agree on is that, we all want to be loved. Also, we love the feeling of being in love. A lot of people, including myself, like to say, “age is just a number when it comes to finding that special one,” but it is really? I say it all the time; but trust me, my ideal of a perfect date is five (5) years older than me; anyone above that has a question mark; and I definitely wouldn’t go over seven! So why do we say it if we don’t mean it? It is because of the society? Or who are we afraid of? Perhaps, are we lying to ourselves or to the society?

Couple weeks ago, a few of my colleagues were discussing some “love issues” and I was the only one who thought otherwise. So before I explained the situation, this is where I ask, “does love have an age limit?” Here comes the story, someone whom I know is now 70 years old, has recently gotten into a relationship. They both are very conservative Christian, and decided it would be a great idea to get married! Everyone is against the idea, BUT me.

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What is it Like to be an FGCU Alumna?

30 Mar

            Growing up with such amazingly strict parents like mine, I knew I had to go to college, but I did not know which, where or how to apply. I did not have any older siblings to ask for advice on which school to apply to. My destiny, my future were in my own hands, at my own risk– the good thing in mind was to keep my parents happy by attending some university, that’s all.

FGCU Graduation           I always knew I would have had taken loans if I chose to go to college; my parents just would not be able to afford it. A couple of months before my high school graduation, my counselor advised that I applied for HOPE scholarship; some of the requirements were to be a first generation student, to have good grades and to write an essay, stating why should that individual be selected as one of the recipients. Hey, that’s me! I applied for the scholarship. However, there were some terms I did not like. The scholarship was to attend Edison community school, now Edison State College, for two years—then to transfer at FGCU. “Man, my uncle went to that school, that’s a boring school… No one wants to go to Edison,” I said to myself. My counselor forced me to apply for it; so I ended up applied. I knew I did not spend much time, as I should have on my essay. I did not care! I could have written a better one. They asked for double-space; I gave single-space; see, I didn’t care. With all that, a few weeks later, an Edison representative called and said I was one of the selected students. Yay me! But I was still not happy. Why? Because most of my friends were attending FSU or USF, FAMU, FAU, UF, etc. I wanted to be with my friends, to party and or do “whatever” they were into. Until graduation week, I did not tell anyone which school I was going to attend or what the future held for me.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Moving back Home after College!

12 Feb

534361_486108968095236_1290508778_nGoing off to college was a dream come true for me; not necessarily because I wanted to have ‘freedom’. But, simply to be on my own! I wanted to experience the “real world”. I wanted to learn and grow, just in case something ever happened to my family, I would be able to function without feeling helpless. Being that my parents provided and did everything for me, I wanted to know how it felt to do for myself, on my own.  Believe me, I was nervous about the lifetime decision I was about to make. However, I was ready.

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I Am Haiti

13 Jan

I am Haiti

Haiti is Power       Today marks three years since my beautiful island, Haiti, was taken away from me. It is one of these days that I will never forget, it seems like it happened yesterday; although we are now commemorating the third year since the devastating disaster. I lost my childhood memory in less than one minute, 35 seconds to be exact. I lost numerous family members, friends and classmates; most importantly, my children will never know where their mother grew up or where I went to school.

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