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How to Be a (Haitian) Vegan in 2018

25 Mar

IMG_1644     Okay my cyber-confidents- I pray that I don’t lose the five friends I have after reading this post. I kid, I kid! In fall 2016, on Thanksgiving Day, I made a drastic decision that forever changed my life mentality and physically: I became a vegan. Out of the 365 days of the year, I chose the hungriest and heartiest day in America to do so. No I didn’t become a vegan because I watched “What the Health” or follow other social media trends.

One of my close friends, Babatude, is an Orthodox Christian, and he fasts majority of the year. Usually, he fasts every Monday and Wednesday, the day after Thanksgiving to January 7th and the entire period of Lent. In 2015, I tried fasting with him, simply to give up a few things of my “addictions”. So for a month, I fast from any animal products. I loved it! I paid attention to everything I ate and I read the label to anything before I ate it. During that time, I researched the benefit of being a vegan. In January of last year, I decided to fully commit to veganism; which consist of eliminating all animal products from my diet. So far, it has been one of the best rewarding decisions I have ever made.

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My Epic Year

31 Dec

img_2563At the beginning of the year, we like to claim the year is going to be our year. Claim it in the name of JESUS! By declaring it, we hope to achieve bigger goals, starting a new diet or even becoming a better person. Some of us actually do keep up with these resolutions; however, to others- they all are forgotten by the first week of February.

The 2016’s year  was epic for me, positively and negatively. I have gone through so many journeys; it’s almost impossible to believe that it has only been 365 days. This year, I directed one of the many scripts I have written. It is one of my favorites- also a project that hits home whenever I talk about it. This year, “4:53” was born. It is a film focusing on Haitian mothers. I wanted to create a world where women are valued and strong. This film main goal was to show the rest of the universe how bold and capable are Black women. Though it has been a rough journey, I cannot wait to finish this project in the upcoming year.

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My 2012 Year Timeline

1 Jan

By: Myrlande “M.C” Charelus

My 2012 Year Timeline

photo Conventionally, this is the time that countless people are taking to reflect and write about their 2013 resolution. While some are contemplating about taking a leap of faith by shifting to a new chapter or losing weight, others are just grateful for everything that they have been blessed with. On the other hand, there are also people who are updating their statuses with the negative experiences they had during 2012, but I opted out and prefer to focus on the positive aspects of 2012. Although I lost a few family members that were dear to me like my uncle, my mom’s only brother, I didn’t expect life to be sweet all the time. Thus, complaining about it won’t bring back what I lost or make me feel better. The only positive thing I can do is to move forward. That’s what I am going to do!

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The New Era of Hip-Hop and Rap

10 Dec

By Myrlande “M.C” Charelus

                                                            The New Era of Hip-Hop and Rap

           Is it Hip Hop or is it Rap? Music lovers tell the differences between the two.

            Fort Myers, FL— Music is something most everyone enjoys. It is a way that some people use to express their feelings; also it can be defined as a place others go to find comfort. There are a variety of types of music genre; pop, country, alternative, blues, hip-hop and rap, etc. Some people like them all and others have their own preferences. For example, someone who likes pop music may not like hip-hop. Someone who likes hip-hop may not like rap.

            When it comes to hip-hop and rap, it may be difficult to differentiate between the two. It is also clear that a lot of listeners do not know there is a difference between them, (rap and hip-hop). Hip-hop music was originated in the African-communities in New York City during the late 1970s. It was created by DJ Clive Campbell, commonly known as Kool Herc, who was an immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica.  Campbell created the blueprint for hip-hop by taking ideas from the Jamaican tradition of poetry and speech to create hip-hop.

Dezmond W

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The Natural Hair Epidemic

6 Nov

Myrlande “M.C” Charelus

The Natural Hair Epidemic

The chemicals are now put aside and it is time to let the hair breathe.

It kinks, it coils, it’s 2012 and it is natural hair.  The extension is out, the relaxer is gone, and the hair can finally breathe.  Many black women have decided to re-connect to their roots by letting their hair grow all-natural without the chemicals that have been sucking the life of their hair.

The process of going natural is different for everyone. There are those who whack off their hair to feel a sense found-freedom.  This known as  big chop, (BC), which is to cut all their hair at once in order to start fresh and healthy. This process is usually helpful to anyone who is going through hair damages such as split-ends, scalp irritation, hair loss etc.  Then again, you are dealing with one hairstyle for while, until it grows back. It can be a little difficult for anyone who is not comfortable with short hair.

An alternative to BC is transitioning. It is letting the hair grow without the BC, but at the same time, it can be a little difficult. It becomes harder to manage two different textures, the new growth and the relaxer hair. It is a longer process in comparison to BC; it depends of the person’s hair. It can take up to one year or more to be fully natural.

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Big Sean is OUT and Trey Songz is IN!

23 Oct

Myrlande “M.C” Charelus
Big Sean is OUT and Trey Songz is IN!Trey Songz, the two-times Grammy Award nominees is set to perform at Eaglepalooza 2012                                                                                                     Fort Myers, FL– Some describe Trey Songz as the sexiest R&B singer, others say his music is so good that it puts them to sleep, and on the other hands, some say he is selling more sex than music. Since his debut album came out in 2005, I Gotta Make It,the 27-year-old knows how to keep his name on the charts. Tremaine Aldon Neverson, known as Trey Songz is a songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer. Songz is set to perform in Fort Myers, for the first time, at EaglePalooza. Songz will be co-headliners with Tyga, a hip hop artist.
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