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My Epic Year

31 Dec

img_2563At the beginning of the year, we like to claim the year is going to be our year. Claim it in the name of JESUS! By declaring it, we hope to achieve bigger goals, starting a new diet or even becoming a better person. Some of us actually do keep up with these resolutions; however, to others- they all are forgotten by the first week of February.

The 2016’s year  was epic for me, positively and negatively. I have gone through so many journeys; it’s almost impossible to believe that it has only been 365 days. This year, I directed one of the many scripts I have written. It is one of my favorites- also a project that hits home whenever I talk about it. This year, “4:53” was born. It is a film focusing on Haitian mothers. I wanted to create a world where women are valued and strong. This film main goal was to show the rest of the universe how bold and capable are Black women. Though it has been a rough journey, I cannot wait to finish this project in the upcoming year.

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My Biggest Regret: A Young Girl’s Life in Haiti

13 Jul

By Myrlande “M.C” Charelus


Port-au-Prince, Haiti— For those of you who are keeping up with my blog on WordPress, friends with me on Facebook or are following me on Twitter; I constantly talk about her, so you might have read about little Blondina a lot. Blondina is a little girl I have connected with from day one, ever since I started working in Haiti. At first she was my long lost sister from another mother; but then I started to treat her like she was my own daughter and sometimes, we even have the same approach toward certain things.  Below is an article, updating you about her current living condition in Haiti.

Blondina Verney was abandoned by her mother, Linda Pierre, when she was five years old. According to Martine Decius, her foster parent, she was later dropped at a neighbor’s house, where Verney wouldn’t eat unless the people around the neighborhood would cook and hand her something.  Two years ago, Pierre’s brother found Verney and brought her to “Tree of Life”, an orphanage situated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  “Tree of Life” is a home that accepted children from newborns to 18-years-old who were either orphans or whose parents couldn’t take care of them.  For children whose parents are capable of sending them to school, a child is supposed to be able to attend school by the age of three; but in Verney’s case, she had never been to school until she started school at “Tree of Life” at the age of five.

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