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My Epic Year

31 Dec

img_2563At the beginning of the year, we like to claim the year is going to be our year. Claim it in the name of JESUS! By declaring it, we hope to achieve bigger goals, starting a new diet or even becoming a better person. Some of us actually do keep up with these resolutions; however, to others- they all are forgotten by the first week of February.

The 2016’s year  was epic for me, positively and negatively. I have gone through so many journeys; it’s almost impossible to believe that it has only been 365 days. This year, I directed one of the many scripts I have written. It is one of my favorites- also a project that hits home whenever I talk about it. This year, “4:53” was born. It is a film focusing on Haitian mothers. I wanted to create a world where women are valued and strong. This film main goal was to show the rest of the universe how bold and capable are Black women. Though it has been a rough journey, I cannot wait to finish this project in the upcoming year.

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Feeling like 30 at 28

17 Oct

fullsizerender Turning a new age is a blessing! I get to see my 28th birthday this week and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful. As excited, as I am to celebrate my 28th year on earth, nothing scares me the most than turning 30 years old. See, I’m not even there yet and I’m already worried about the things I cannot control. Typical me!

Turning 30 to me means that I should have everything figure out by then. It is the “I’m done with the foolery” year. The year where career is popping, settling down or in the process of doing so, and of course a lot of traveling. But, as I get closer to 30, I feel like I’m nowhere near ready for the things I expected to have accomplished by the time I’m 30- that itself scares the crap out of me.

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Confession of a Haitian working for an American non-profit organization in Haiti

17 Jul

My name is Myrlande Charelus, commonly known as MC. I am a native Haitian. I just thought this was a proper way to start writing this blog. While I was interning in Washington D.C last year, I made a vow to God that I was going to dedicate three months of my life to volunteer either in Haiti or Africa, specifically Rwanda. Not knowing lots about out-of-country internships, I decided to ask my colleagues about it.

Although Haiti was at the top of my list, Rwanda was my number one choice. I knew I wanted to go somewhere I was not familiar. I just wanted to blend within and do what God’s intended me to do. As I spoke to my colleagues about my goals for the next summer, here’s the exact answer I got from one of them, “how do you expect people to help your country when you’re not doing it yourself?” “How do you expect to go clean other people’s home when yours is unclean?” for days I thought about his comments; at first I really didn’t like any of it. I was offended and I didn’t really need others to make my decision anymore. I donated money when I needed to, I prayed about Haiti; I thought to myself that was it. I prayed about it and think about it every single day. Then one day God spoke to me about it and then I finally realized that I needed to do more. There, choice was made. Haiti was my final decision.

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